Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Engagement Diaries

{in LOVE with these champagne flutes... a little pricey}

Ok, so not everything I blog about is going to be surrounded around the wedding, but since it’s such a big part of my life I can’t skirt around the subject entirely J Being engaged is a blast and I want to share the little tid-bits of this part of my life that make me happy. With that being said, I have started a new Label called “Engagement Diaries”. Here is the first installment!

This past weekend, Max and I started the registry process! I must admit it was a TON of fun! I was a little worried it would be overwhelming, which it kind of was, but in a fun way. Max had a free-for-all in the kitchen department. We still have to to back and remove a few items that are probably a bit ridiculous (cough**$450 luggage piece**cough).

As mentioned in my Friday Five, we later hit up Perrin, a brewery we've heard rave reviews about but had yet to venture out and visit. Let's just say it was well worth the travel time and we're already planning our next visit!

{had to start off the day with treats}

{max thinks it's hideous, I kinda love... but most definitely don't need}


{who would buy this?!?}


{ohh the Grapefruit IPA... heaven}

{he is my favorite bar companion!}

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