Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Orleans Courtyards

If my husband and I were to live here forever, we'd buy a house that had an incredible courtyard garden. 

These magical nooks all over the city make me feel like I'm inside a book. They're all so utterly unique, quaint & beautiful... 

I can see myself having coffee or drinks with friends here. 

Sometimes, walking in the French Quarter, this is the only glimpse you the rest is up to your imagination. 

Many restaurants here in NOLA welcome you with 
brick patios like this one.

We'll be sure to actually go INSIDE this place 
when Meggie & Max visit next month. 

Though this one is public, it's accessible from where I live and quite charming at night. 


Imagine this one at night....

I would spend every second I could here if this was my backyard...

But, in the meantime, I make my own attempts at a lush tropical garden escape on my balconies at's a start! 

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