Saturday, April 6, 2013

In Honor of Grandpa's Sweet Tooth

I'm convinced I got my sweet tooth from Grandpa. He did not discriminate when it came to desserts...he didn't turn them down often either.

I have so many memories of him popping handfuls of something into his mouth.  Peanuts, M&Ms, jelly beans, whatever was within reach. 

There seemed to be a ritual about his movements when he was sneaking these treats: 

We'd all be deep in discussion, coffee or cocktails at our elbows, and his eyes would suddenly drift to the Waterford bowl on the table. He'd gracefully move in and scoop out a perfect handful of the contents. Next, still engaged in the discussion, he'd  shake his now cupped hand, rolling the pieces around his palm (I vividly remember the soft, rattling noises as he did a child, this motion created much anticipation).  The shaking got faster, then, POP! in went the treat, never missing a beat in the conversation.

About 5 minutes later, the process would repeat. I loved watching him.

Growing up, visits to Granny and Grandpa's kitchen revealed homemade pies--apple & blueberry mainly--ice cream, Christmas cookies and, of course, candy.

But  the breakfast...oh the breakfast sweets at Granny and Grandpas are what stick with me the most! 

Walking in to their house on a weekend morning would include the smell of crispy bacon. With this came eggs, pancakes, toast, cinnamon rolls and fruit.  
{I'm pretty sure we had blueberry pancakes most of the time}

The evening of March 25 (the day Grandpa passed away) my husband and I decided to make a breakfast-inspired dessert that Grandpa would love. We wanted to honor him, to indulge the way he would have, to enjoy something utterly sweet and delicious as we thought of him. 

Maybe I'll call it a "Paul Sundae" or something. All I know is that it encompassed elements that he loved: ice cream, bacon and strawberry shortcake. 

This bowl of French vanilla ice cream is topped with warm pancakes, fresh, simmered strawberries and hot crispy bacon. It was delicious. 
I think Grandpa would have been proud 
of the creativity & love put into it.

Two of a kind!

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