Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Half Decade Mark... CHECK!

{blurry 5 year pic!}

As mentioned here, Max and I celebrated 5 year anniversary last week (the night we celebrated happened to be exactly 6 months before our wedding day!!). For a few years I've been telling him he HAS to go to Stella’s. The vegan-biker/rocker-bar atmosphere is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Even though a good portion of their food is vegan or vegetarian, they have won awards for their burgers (named best in America by GQ magazine). They used to have a section of the menu that was lovingly referred to as “Pet Cemetery” (creepy? Yes, but they have since removed it). Anywho, we had a blast sitting at the bar, sipping cocktails and salivating over everything that came out of the kitchen. 

As a night cap, I surprised him by taking him here, another extremely popular brewery in Grand Rapids (Beer City USA has many; we frequent here and here often). Somehow, my beer connoisseur fiancĂ© had NEVER been to Founders, and he’s lived in Grand Rapids for years now. Crazy, I know! So I thought it would be a perfect end to our evening (plus I love surprising him!). Live music was just icing on the cake. We got to see this acoustic singer and this band live (unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the main act because it was a school night... and it was already way past my bed time… can’t remember who it was L).

Nevertheless we had a great night out, reminiscing on the days when we first met, when we fell in love, our engagement night and everything in between. It’s been an amazing 5 years and we are both so excited for next 75 years of great nights just like this one! 

{those awesome skulls again! don't let the creepy-ness fool you, this place is harmless} 

{what do ya know!! a Lolla ticket from '91 among the many they have as bar top decor}

{best.burger.ever! White Lightning}

{Founders Centennial IPA!}

{Dave likes to eat roast beef}

Such a blast!

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