Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five!

{freshly picked daffodil surprise from the fiance}

This past week has been full of ups and downs. My thoughts and prayers go out to all in Boston. Why do these types of things happen?! I’ll never understand it… As if we don’t have enough to worry about in the world, it makes me sick that we have selfish hate crime to worry about as well. Tragedies like that always put things in perspective and remind you of what’s truly important in life. I’m so thankful for my life and the people that I’m fortunate enough to share it with.

On a happier, surreal, note, Max and I “passed” marriage counseling (not surreal that we passed, but surreal that we went through MARRIAGE counseling period… I’m going to be a wife!) and made an appointment to meet with a Realtor to discuss what we’re looking for in a home. I’ve never felt like more of an adult in my entire life!

This weekend I’m heading to Kalamazoo. Quality fam-dam time is on the agenda, and hopefully catching up with a couple of my beautiful bridesmaids J

Friday Forte: Ho Hey– The Lumineers (performing at Lolla 2K13!!!!)

{delicious Grapefruit IPA from Perrin}

{new sunnies! hopefully the torrential down-poors and hail will stop before Fall is back!!}

{getting closer and closer to these bad boys being sent out}

{leather + lace - best spring wardrobe combo!}

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