Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Motivators!

My husband comes home today, after being up north for a week...and I'm as excited to see him today 
as I was to become his wife almost 3 years ago. 
Having the place to myself has been cool, but I'm over it now. 
I'm ready for this house to be full again. 

I'll kick off the things that are motivating me this morning with a song  conveniently titled for the great start to my week. 

 New bag to bring to work (on the days I don't bring my backback).

We will (finally) be solidifying our work plans for next year THIS WEEK.

So glad to finally know where we'll be for the next year or two. We can settle into our home and focus now. It may not be exactly what we were expecting, but it is--by far--the smartest move.

Tuesday marks ONE MONTH until Meggie & Max come down to NOLA to visit!!  I've already started my list of things to do while they're here!

Finally, this week marks Earth Day.

 Make it a point to plant something (it will make your air healthier!), eat something wonderful the Earth has provided you, or simply get out there and enjoy the beautiful space we live in. 

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