Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five!

{Grandpa’s cashmere sweaters – the coziest sweater I’ll ever own. EVER.}

It’s been a disorienting couple of weeks… my sleeping, eating and exercising routines are all out of wack. Meaning I’m eating larger meals more often, spending time with family and loved ones over working out (gladly!), and seeing the insomniac side of myself that hasn’t reared its ugly head since college. Suffice it to say, I’ve been doing my best to get back to normal this week (although things will never be truly normal again). It will take some time, but at least my schedule is resuming its regularly scheduled programming. At least during the week days…

This weekend I’ve already enjoyed some stress relieving yoga with my Momma, and a bonfire might be in my evening plans as well (although it might be jumping the gun… weather in the 40’s isn’t ideal but we’ll bundle up J). As for the rest of the weekend, I look forward to relaxing and lounge-full days complete with champagne sipping in my own home… things I haven’t made time for recently.

Friday Forte: TellMe You Love Me – Desert Noise (saw them live last night!)

{girl scout cookies + iced coffee}

{new fun new mugs – Max and I are obsessed with eating things out of a mug}

{eerie, but cool, skull wall outside of Stella’s

{Lollapalooza lineup is out and tickets are purchased! Can’t wait to make even more Lolla memories come August} 

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