Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Years Resolutions 2013

I was organizing the other day (shocker) and came across my new year’s resolutions from 2004, the year I graduated High School. This made me literally laugh out loud as I remember writing these with my best friend (one of the engaged onesJ) like it was yesterday. We decided on a list and proceeded to decorate it on a small piece of typed paper, then tape around it until it was basically “laminated”, and swore we would keep them in our wallet the entire year. In the end, I don’t remember if we hit all of our resolutions because a few months later we were heading off to Michigan State and nothing else mattered… at the time.
I think that was the last time I actually wrote down my resolutions. This year, I’ve decided to take a similar approach. Not keep a semi laminated copy in my wallet, but make sure my resolutions are visible in a way that is inspirational to me.
Based on other blogs that I follow, it seems the “thing to do” is write your resolutions on a piece of paper, frame them, then set the frame in a place that you’ll often be reminded. I LOVE this idea. So I stole it. The resolutions now reside in my “office” where I spend the majority of my personal time when I’m at home.
Alright, so here they are… For the world to see (and keep me on track):
  1. Take kickboxing
  2. Work on the road rage
  3. Save Money
** Disclaimer for Max: I want to be clear… this does NOT mean that I CAN’T spend ANY money on things other than bills or necessities. This means that I will make smart choices where spending money is concerned ;)

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