Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Comfort Movies

When the weather starts to get cold and dreary, a lot of people lock themselves indoors, curl up on the couch and stuff their faces with comfort food. While I do cave in that area sometimes, more often, I watch one of my comfort movies from when I was younger.

Meggie used to sleep in my bedroom almost every single weekend night (and then every night in the summers and during vacations) and we would watch the same movies over and over and over...

and over..
and OVER.

And here's the thing: the movies aren't necessarily classics. They aren't some of the deepest, most philosophical, award winning films ever.  They're just movies that, for one reason or another, left us wanting to come back for more.

We learned the lines of some just as well as we could recite episodes of Friends.

These are a few from the stack we used to choose from for our sister sleepovers back at mom and dad's house.

While not nearly as huge, the house in "Father of the Bride" closely resembled that of our parents'.  We loved watching such a beautiful home transform into the setting of an elaborate wedding.  We're girls.

Obsession over this movie corresponded with my determination to transform myself into a person from an earlier era. The hats, the dresses, the hair (this illness returned temporarily when "Titanic" came out). 
I blame Grandma. 

Sometimes we'd watch this in the basement with mom and dad, and then go upstairs and watch it again before falling asleep! 

Personally, if I had the right type of hair, I'd copy this style in a heartbeat. (Anne's, not Harrison's).  Also, Meggie, at her ripe age of 10, had a H.U.G.E. crush on Harrison Ford. She was convinced he was her destiny...which I think only wore off when she met Max 6 years ago.

Favorite line from this movie: 
"You're everything I never knew I always wanted." 

Oh, look! It's Harrison Ford again! This movie is great for so many reasons. 

I happen to also love the original, starring one of my all-time favorite actresses. 

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. 
CLASSIC, clean beauty.

I think this one was because of the British accents...

I know I'm forgetting some. We're a big movie family. 


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