Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ring Leaders

I have several rings in my jewelry collection.  Most don't hold much monetary value, but each mean something special to me.
When I wear them, they are not only lovely to look at, but they provide me with feelings of happiness, comfort, and protection...they're kind of like little good luck charms...tiny reminders of the good things in my life.

I ADORE citrine. I got this ring from a store on Magazine called Sabai, just down the street from my house. I got it last Thanksgiving, not long after we'd been back down here in NOLA. I had my eye on it for quite awhile before finally making the purchase. 
Not only do I love this stone in any form, but the color, when in the right light, matches Jackson't coat perfectly. I hope to get some citrine stud earrings sometime looks great with blonde hair.

Dont' get too excited. Although gorgeous, this is just costume jewelry. It was my grandma's. Not much more needs to be said about this one. It's striking to look at and holds very special meaning. 

Another piece from Grandma Helen. She wore this on her right middle finger, but I had it sized down to fit my ring finger. 
Interestingly, it used to have a yellow gold band, but I had it dipped in rhodium so it would be completely silver. 
I, too, mostly wear it on my right hand, but since most times I only wear the solid band of my own wedding set, so I often accompany it with the ring shown above. It was the engagement ring of my great-grandmother. Pretty cool. 

This was another ring I pined after for a long time before buying. It's made by David Yurman.  This one represents the completion of my master's degree. It was my present to myself after 2 years of hard work and a huge personal accomplishment. 

Probably the least expensive of the bunch, but this ring means so much to me. I want to be buried in this one. When H and I first got together, it was under unusual circumstances. We wanted symbols to show our level of commitment and promise to each solidify our love and connection. We bought it (and a plain one for him) during a lunch break one day when we still worked together.  It's from one of Meg's and my favorite shops in our home town called Terapin.  
I wore this ring on my left hand until he proposed on Christmas day, 2008. 

The obvious leader(s).  
This simple style of a round center stone and one, thin, tapered baguette on each side has been the ring of my dreams since I was little. 

While I do love the commonly paired 3-baguette wedding band, I am now very glad that I chose a solid band as my wedding ring. Not only does it weather my active life (teaching, running, weight-lifting, gardening, cooking) without me having to take it off or worry about damaging stones, it also allows me to mix and match the ring I wear with it (for instance, my grandma's rings).  

When my husband and I became a couple, we were so desperately grateful just to be together. We swore we would not ask for anything more if it meant we could just be with each other without complications, without worry, without judgement. Each additional year we complete as a married couple, I remind myself of the hours and hours of 
talking and the pages and pages of letters vowing that simple plea...
and smile because we now have it. 

A simple wish & a simple ring to match. 

It's the band he slid onto my finger during our wedding (that Meggie thought she lost...another cute story) and it's the one you'll always find there. 

Grandma's up again! This red, beaded satin jewelry box used to be on her dresser.  It's now on mine and holds my regularly worn pieces. No bigger than my hand, it's perfect to hold the most special memories.

This post is dedicated to my baby sister, because her ring collection far surpasses my own. I may always be on the lookout for a new great ring, but that girl makes it a part time job.  She's got great taste. I am missing her and thinking of her now as she and the family are vacationing in Mexico...but I am hoping she's having the time of her life. 

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