Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Five!

{fun wrapping paper + gold box I couldn’t resist picking up for a special gift}

Since this was a five day work week after a highly anticipated vacation, I was totally prepared to be lethargic, unfocussed and unmotivated… and was ecstatic to be wrong. I got back in the swing of things quicker than you can say “fading tan”. My energetic self can be somewhat attributed to the fact that we were able to come back just in time for my annual company Christmas party last weekend and had a BLAST. I could not have asked for a better time with Max and co-workers (my current team, old team, plus all 12,000 other GFS folks milling around the Devos Center and downtown Grand Rapids).
This week, along with tackling additional projects at work (that magically popped up while I was away) and re-training my body to endure physical activity beyond lying on the beach (P90X/Insanity and yoga after 11 days off… woof!) I began my Christmas shopping! I must say I am very pleased with all of the gifts in store for my friends and family this year and am even MORE pumped that my big sis and brother-in-law will be gracing the Midwest with their presence this holiday season! I get to literally hug her in 2 weeks (as opposed to air hugging across the country)!!!
This weekend I look forward to a happy hour with Max's co-workers, a SURPRISE party for a friends 30th birthday (my first real surprise party ever at which I’m in charge of the playlist and taco dip… naturally), then watching Christmas movies and (hopefully) completing my Christmas shopping so I’m not running around like a mad woman next week before my 5 day holiday break.
Here are 5 things that made me happy this week:
{perfect sparkly skirt – I’ve been searching forever for this bad boy and finally found one that fit just the way I wanted, AND was on SALE}

 {memories of Mexico}
{SNOW! – not so great to drive in but pretty to look at and fun to play in (once there is real accumulation)}

{Mat Kearney live at my company’s Annual Meeting, aka Christmas Party, last weekend}

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