Tuesday, December 30, 2014



2013 brought on so much celebration, so much love and joy, but also so much sadness. 2014 was the welcome relief that I was hoping it would be. We were often busy (who isn't!?) but we had our fair share of relaxation as well. Starting with our Mexican honeymoon in January to New York, the various Chicago trips, Houston trips and New Orleans, I don’t think I stayed in Michigan for one entire month! On top of that, I ran some races (my first 10k!), celebrated with close friends and family at multiple weddings, and saw SO much live music!! It was an amazingly unforgettable year!

Cheers to 2014! May all of our years be filled with this much love & adventure!

{v-day tutu's}

{cut my hair short(er) for the first time since 7th grade}

{scavenger hunt year 2}

{Max got the amazing opportunity to help relieve the Joplin tornado disaster}

{completed my first 10k!}

{turned 28 in Grand Haven}

{multiple trips to the East Side of Michigan to celebrate Laura!}

{New York was everything I hoped it would be & more!}

{celebrated this lovely bride!}

{family vacation in South Haven!}

{Minus the Bear!|}

{Tegan and Sara}

{Houston business trips}

{so many summer nights with this guy!}

{my cousin's beautiful 4th of July wedding!}

{Chicago! The happiest place on earth...}


{Bridge Run}

{celebrated our first anniversary in Traverse City}


{Greensky Bluegrass}

{Lifehouse live at the Annual Meeting}

{had a blast at my first ever Wine Club}

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