Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Five!

{HAPPY 2015!}

I know everyone says this, but seriously, how is it already a new year! Time just goes faster and faster with every passing week! This week included! The past few days are kind of a blur. I feel like just one blink ago I was celebrating Christmas with the fam. And here we are, another Friday. Another weekend. Pretty soon the funs over and the post-holiday blues will set in…

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Devos Antique show, but besides that, the next two days will be spent veg’ing in the house, preparing for the slap-in-the-face that is real life to start up again bright and early Monday morning. But never fear… fun is just around the corner!

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday Forte:

{Cotton Bowl! I love my Spartans. Victory for MSU}

{adorable gift from my sister that is the perfect edition to my jewelry corner}

{my New Year’s Eve breakfast – massive white chocolate covered pretzel}

{game day grub}

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  1. Remind me to make sure it's a game day the next time I visit your house...yum!!! Happy New Year, Meggie! Had so much fun hangin with you and Max over the holiday! Xo