Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

Max and I have this thing, where we tend to go out roughly ever other year for the extremely overrated, and most often let down, New Years Eve holiday festivities. With that being said, I continue to hold onto hope EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR that it will be the best night ever. Not typically the case. There tends to be a problem with transportation, someone not feeling well, a WAY too crowded bar, expensive drinks & cover charges and overall too high of expectations.

It is this reason that Max and I go out every other year. We usually recall from the year prior that it was too much of a pain in the ass to get all gussied up and head out, and for that year opt to stay in, whether that be at our house or a friends for a quiet game night/movie night, etc.

This year was the going out year. And I’m here to say that if every year was as easy, simple, and fun as this, then I would be ALL FOR going out for New Years more often. We made the smart choice to Uber it right from our front door (instead of the annoying picking up of the car the next morning), and then Uber it right back to our front door when the night was over. We called ahead and made reservations for dinner at Mojo’s, the piano bar we would be staying for the duration of the evening. This means that our cover charge not only covered food as well, but we didn’t have to WAIT IN LINE (which in itself is amazing).

This year we did it right. Cheers to doing it right every year, whether that be going out or staying in!

Happy New Year!


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