Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Five!

{bringing back the 90’s with these awesome jeans (on mega sale!)}

This week was rough. Some serious shit hit the fan on a couple projects and started my week off on an extremely sour note. But working through it & solving problems helped speed the week along, and the appreciative comments I received because of my hard work made it a little sweeter. Let's just say I think the week is ending on a fantastic note!!

The countdown for Florida has officially begun. 3 weeks from now we’ll be packing up and headed down to Marco Island for a Winter vacay with the family! I can almost smell the sea water and sunshine!

This weekend I’m excited to spend quality time with quality friends, catching a little gymnastics at Western Michigan (where our old coach is now the Head Coach) lovin’ on some Food Dance brunch and enjoying the Superbowl commercials from the comfort of my couch.

{preparing for Paris w/ cute little chocolates}

{delicious chili nachos at the Garage}

{fun & functional drawing notebook for my 52 Week Hand Lettered Challenge}

{THE.BEST. bar snack mix found at Kale’s Korner while dive bar hopping downtown}


  1. Soooo glad your week turned around ;). Hard work and patience always pays off! Meanwhile, I may need to boycott your Friday Fives for the duration of this challenge if you don't stop posting so much delicious (forbidden) food :) Love ya, girl!

  2. Oh, and I've already downloaded the song from today and am listening to it at my desk. Good one to work to! Monday I'll add a couple that are hopefully new to you!

    1. HA! Yeah, I guess food was a pretty good part of my week! I didn't' realize until just now that's 3 of my 5. Whoops! I LOVE this song. Also love The Other Side by the same artist ;) Can't wait to hear your new tunes!!