Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Jackson!!

[Without a doubt, the most wonderful, gentle soul I've ever known.]  

My baby boy, Jackson (better known as Monkey) turned six years old today. I'm happy to report that he is in great health and even better spirits. Though I'm convinced his hearing is not what it once was, the way he chases a tennis ball in our backyard and plays with his baby sister, he could convince any vet that he is as spry as the day we brought him home.

[The day we brought him home. 10 weeks old. 11 pounds of wrinkles.]

[He used to be so little, he'd hide and take naps under our bed.]

[First trip to the park.]

[First time in the snow.]

[First birthday]

[First alcoholic beverage.]

[Present day. Big boy.] 

He was beyond frustrated that I wouldn't help him with this handy new toy we bought him today...eventually he did figure it out, of course.  
Typical 6 year old. As a special birthday snack, we made him and Apple a plate of nachos to share. Big splurge for this carrot-munching health nut. 

Here's to six more years, little man! 

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