Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wine Club - Holiday Edition

Last week Tieka invited me to her monthly wine night. Since its December, this month’s theme was “Holiday”. Appropriate. I can’t rave enough about this party! It was SO much fun! It was the perfect December evening. There were about 14 girls in attendance, each who brought a holiday inspired wine and a dish to pass (per my request my adorable husband was kind enough to make this recipe… and it was amaze-balls!). From the second I got to Tieka’s the conversation was flowing, the wine glasses were constantly refilled (blind tasting!) and countless appetizers were filling our plates. Awesome night!

Ok, so here’s how it works. Everyone brings a bottle of wine that fits with the theme. You hide the bottle in a non-descript bag, and letter them (A through whatever). Once each bottle has been placed in bags, start serving… starting with letter A. As everyone tastes each wine, they are also rating each on a scale of 1-5 (1 being lowest, 5 being highest… or however you want to do it). Once everyone has tasted each wine/beverage (and rated them) tally up the letters by points. The lady who brought the letter (wine) with the most points wins, and chooses the next month’s theme. The person with the least amount of points will HOST next month’s Wine Club. Simple, right? So easy and so entertaining!

Well guys, I WON! Well, kinda tied. Another gal at the party brought the exact same wine as mine, but I served it chilled while she decided to serve it warmed. I have to admit, I liked it better warm. But apparently the chilled won over the crowd and I was deemed the winner and the person to choose next month’s theme. Naturally I chose champagne! It’s going to be amazing!! I already have my champagne inspired beverage in mind…

If you have girlfriends who like wine, or just need an excuse to get together, try a Wine Club. You won’t be disappointed!

{if you like chips & salsa, and want to impress at a holiday party.. go with this recipe}

{this was only a few of the delicious appetizers... use chalkboard paper for easy labeling of dishes. Tieka got her's at Target but I've also purchased from Amazon and love it}

{winner winner chicken dinner!}

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  1. what a fun idea! i really need to organise a wine night with my girlfriends! :) x