Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Five!

{early Christmas present from Max}

The after Thanksgiving blues hit me hard on Monday. This time of year it’s so hard to get focused… the holiday season is upon us! There’s lots of distracting stuff this time of year, amiright??? Luckily shooting our Christmas card, some awesome news from Max and a date night with a friend made the week seem less… long!

It’s officially December!! Which means I no longer have to be embarrassed that I put up my tree 3 weeks ago, I can merrily listen to holiday tunes, sans judgment, snow wouldn't be completely unwelcome and Christmas cookies are the only thing I’m craving.  I plan on embracing all things holiday from here on out! Starting with COOKIES! The annual spritz-cookie-making-marathon day is upon us (tomorrow) and I can hardly contain my excitement to get nauseous from dough.

{new seasonal centerpiece for the kitchen}

{celebratory dinner date with Tieka… don’t you just love Donkey’s patio?? }

{roasted goodness for a winter soup}

{If I Stay & Mimosa's}

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