Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Motivators!

[How could anyone's week start bad when you're greeted by a colorful & sparkly Christmas tree?]

Happy December, everyone!  Happy Holiday season and happy days...full of family, friends, pets, food & relaxation. 

While I do have 3 full weeks left until the next school vacation (poor me), I'm confident that the time will fly because I've got so much keeping my spirits lifted. 

My Thanksgiving break flew by--faster than any before--and much of that joy has seeped into this week, with the promise of lasting through the New Year... 

I ran my a$$ off (including a 4 minute improvement on my Turkey Day 5 miler!), discovered new music, spent endless hours on the couch, reading with my pups and drinking red wine, befriending an unlikely fellow and prepping my home for the winter holiday.  

I'm also taking another stab at homemade turkey soup. The next few days will hold the verdict for this flavorful adventure (any tips would be welcome right about now, Granny & Grandpa). 

During the ceremonial decorating of the tree, I was sure to fill the house with classic holiday songs from Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby and Kenny G....but the rest of my weekend was faithfully devoted to adding to the list of new favorites (it's hard to keep up with my baby sis!). 

This one  has made it on to my Winter Running playlist, along with a recent Friday Forte Meggie shared with us two weeks ago. 

As teachers in New Orleans get the entire week of Thanksgiving off of work, most people we know here in the city flee to their home towns. Agreeing to cat-sit Clyde the Cat here, I made a new friend. Dog person that I am, it took me awhile to determine just what it is you do with a cat (the college days when I owned 3 cats seemed so distant). 
Lucky for me, Clyde took the lead and before long, my visits had stretched to nearly an hour. 

 My friend generously brought back flavored popcorn from Chicago and a homemade t-shirt to share my new friendship with the world!
I heart Clyde the Cat.

[Trying new things...thanks, Faubourg!]

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend :) Your tree makes me happy!
    And totally jealous about your kitty time!!!

    love you!!