Saturday, November 29, 2014

Instagram Life – November 2014

November started off in the 60’s, had a couple large blizzards in the middle and ended in the mid  40’s and sunny. Michigan. You unpredictability never ceases to amaze me. I spent 3 weekends completely lazy’ing around and the other two spend with family and friends celebrating the holidays. It was a good month.

** Cookie Face
** Remembering an amazing lady
** Frozen
** #CamilleStylesEntertaining
** Saw Mockingjay Part 1 – LOVED!
** Beautiful holiday decorations
** Black Wednesday in Kalamazoo
** Thanksgiving dessert… 3 ways
** Greensky concert at the State Theater

December is here! December means holiday parties and gift giving and champagne toasting and snow days and twinkle lights and hot chocolate and decorations and cookies and heated blankets and sledding and mistletoe and snow ball fights. I welcome you December… with open arms. 

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