Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Decorating (w/ baby elves)

Well guys. It happened. We all wanted the white fluffy stuff to hold off until December, but alas, it’s back! It’s like it never went away… Can't face today :(

This past weekend I decided to embrace the magical feel the outdoors possessed and use my free time to get the house holiday ready. Our big bay window in the front of our home truly made it feel like we were in a snow globe and as much as I hated to admit it, I really did love being cooped up inside with the snow slowly descending from the sky onto our already snow-covered grass. Then I remembered it’s only mid-November, but oh well, this is the time of year is when snow is acceptable (check back in February!).

Since Max was hunting, I employed a few elves to help me out! We had a blast drinking champagne (adults, not the kids!) and hot cocoa all day while laughing and joking around, chatting about the upcoming months. Everything from last year’s Polar Vortex, our holiday plans, our Christmas lists and what to expect in the next year were discussed. It was a really fun & relaxing day. 

Since the decorations went up a little earlier than usual, we’ll be able to enjoy them for well over a month! Last year, there was a hole in my living room (and my heart!) when I took down the Christmas decorations. I wanted them up longer! This year, I was sure to make that happen. 

{got the hard part done before the kiddos got here...}

{this is what we woke up to... not ready for this}

{the big bulbs are by far my favorite part... next year... ALL BIG BULBS}

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  1. Looks beautiful, sis! Wish it felt more like winter here! Can't wait to see you for the holidays!!!