Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You Know You’re Getting Old When...

In honor of being roughly a year and a half away from my 30’s I decided to compile a list of things that happen to make feel old. It really does sneak up on you…. Now, just to be clear, I in no way, shape or form think I’m “OLD”, but things are beginning to happen that make me really, TRULY, realize that I am no longer the young buck I once was…

Without further ado, you know you’re getting old when…

You're still hungover on Monday from a Friday night happy hour

You see the can't-drink-before date in the bar as 1993 (soon to be 1994)

You see 10 year-olds with cell phones

You have to ask a kid how to use an app

You hear acronyms like “YOLO” and have no idea what it stands for

Sunday afternoon naps on are the BEST. Until someone wakes you up... 

You're thrilled to wake up at 7:30am on a Saturday

Menards becomes a weekly occurrence 

You feel you might fall asleep standing up if you're at a bar past midnight

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  1. So, here we go.... #1: check. #6: The ONLY thing cuter than that is my own puppies as babies. #7: check. #8: check, but for us, it's Lowe's #9: Not yet, but I've watched it happen to my husband many times. Welcome to the club, sis. xo