Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Monster Bash 2014

I really really REALLY love Halloween. I love dressing up. I love it when other people dress up. I love seeing the creativity in others, or if they are the scary kinda people, the sexy kinda people, the funny kinda people or the cute kinda people. There are all of the above when Halloween strikes. It’s a fun time to change your identity, if only for one night. This year, I chose to be the cute. I've had a lot going on and honestly didn't even think about my Halloween costume until the week of. Then all of a sudden, I was looking through my closet, saw my tutu and it was decided. Ballerina. Easy enough right? Right! The costume was so fun to create and fun to wear. BONUS: I learned how to use a bun hair thingy so on lazy days I can throw my hair up I a messy top bun. Perfect.

The party was lively & entertaining. It brought me back to Halloween in college. The beer pong, flip cup, men dancing around in wigs and makeup. But, unlike college, Halloween parties when you’re an adult includes appetizers, classier drinks and fun d├ęcor. I love Halloween as an adult. I wonder what next year will hold….

And now a little throw back for your viewing pleasure :)