Sunday, January 26, 2014

Marriage Diaries – Honeymoon Edition!

Mexico was Paradise (Paradise Village to be exact... the same place as last year). We arrived in Puerto Vallarta pale, thirsty, married and in love… we left tan and in much need of a detox, but still married and in love. It was a perfect vacation filled to the brim with sunning and relaxing, as well as adventure, tourist'ing and smooching.

We made a lot of friends. We drank a lot of margaritas (me) & bulls (him). We walked the beach (almost) daily. We soaked up a lot of rays. We jumped on beds. We played with parrots. We honeymooned :)

“Toes in my Sand” (inside joke) was our quote of the week, but quickly changed to “Toes in my Snow” roughly 19 seconds after we arrived back in Michigan. But we don’t care. Nothing can take away from that trip. It is forever imbedded in my mind as the most romantic vacation of my life. As it should be…

What should our next vacation be?

Blame It On The Boogie by Michael Jackson on Grooveshark
(i recommend listening to this song while you look through the pictures :))

{first cocktails at our favorite tiki bar, Mayapan}

{RIGHT after we checked in, pale smoochies before kicking off a great vacay}

{I was so close to winning!}

{this is what you do...}

{morning walks... spiked coffee & bloody's in hand}

{we made friends}

{Mexican night... oh my...}


{gorgeous view... words can't describe how beautiful this resort is}

{there was a balloon guy! the balloon he made for Max was slightly inappropriate}


{got some suggestions for local sushi when a serious craving struck!}

{not a care in the world!}

{Fajia Republic! a little blurry but such a delicious place (where I didn't realize I actually ordered wings and quesadillas... whoops}

{we had a ball making up drinking ping pong games}

{the oh-so-entertaining Activity Crew... we actually made friends with them too... blame it on the boogie ;)}

Until next time Paradise Village!

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