Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five!

{homemade soup out of mugs! lunch and dinner… everyday… all week long! I have Max to thank for nursing me back to health}

This week was all over the board! The first half was a surreal world full of blizzards, dangerously icy roads, snow plows at all hours of the night, cancellations, sick days, snow days and temperatures reaching record lows. The second half of the week, my days were productive (once the head cold/sinus infection/fever symptoms subsided), but my nights were spend sipping soup from mugs, sitting by fires and relaxing.

This weekend will be spent the same way as my week day nights (minus the sick). I will indulge in Netflix, hot cider, and even more crackling fires. It will be a great weekend to do nothing, and prepare for our romantic Mexican honeymoon getaway (one week from tomorrow!!).

The phrase “Mexican Honeymoon” pretty much sums up my mood for the next week J CHEERS!

Friday Forte: Grow Till Tall – Jonsi (awesome background music… intense end to the song)

{doesn’t it look like our driveway is a crazy drawbridge entering some fortress? That’s what it felt like to me… the trashcan is on top of roughly 2 feet of snow… we continued to get more snow after this picture was taken}

{vintage coach purse (yes, I confirmed it’s real!). Just need to fix the clasp thingy and it’s good to go!}

{one last glimpse at the tree before taking it down… thanks Court for my bling!}

{inspiring clothing pieces hung by currently unused knob}

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  1. I wish it would snow here in the UK. Snow makes thing so mi=uch magical.