Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five!

{sneak peek of the gallery wall… this statement is pretty much the mantra of our weekends}

Happy Friday indeed! This week went by fast (yay for busy work days to keep me occupied}.

I finished up a big project at work (HUGE) during the day, and spend my evenings preparing for MEXICO. Everything from packing, to last minute shopping, to cleaning was on the to-do list. I love nothing more than coming home to a clean house after a trip (I get this from my Mom) so each evening a different cleaning task took place. It feels really good to leave knowing all the trash is in the dumpster, the bathrooms are clean, the floors are vacuumed and the kitchen is sparkly.

Now we can taxi down the runway tomorrow (EARLY!) morning, breakfast bloody in hand, truly ready to enjoy every second of the vacation! If only we were flying first class… one day!?

Sorry people (to whom it may concern…J), I might be taking a slight hiatus from blog posting until we get back. Maybe I’ll find time for a blog post or two between cocktail sipping, relaxing by the pool, sliding down alligator mouths, getting serenaded by mariachi bands, boogie boarding in the ocean and watching sunsets… but no promises! 

                                                                Friday Forte:
(i envision our honeymoon video montage to this song)

{meet Founder… he’s our “founding” gnome in the house and named after Founders Brewing where they have countless gnome statues hidden everywhere}

{picking up fish food turned into playing with the kitties at the pet store!}

{this is my Sunday sweatshirt… and what I wore with fleece lined leggings and beanies all last weekend!}

{“Garbage Soup” aka refrigerator clean-out! it’s a gift that I can eat soup for lunch and dinner an entire week and be completely satisfied!}

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