Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday Five!

{Lolla memories! Countdown to 2014 has already begun J}

Oh this week. It F-L-E-W!! It was already a short week for me, with taking Monday off and all, but the craziness of the last three days at work makes me seriously question whether or not it’s actually Friday. This weekend is the system integration with my company and the company we purchased last year – ie what my entire job has revolved around since my promotion a year and a half ago. Things will be much easier moving forward (crossing fingers). I do realize there will be some kinks. Hell, I’m expecting it! But I’m hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter…

Tomorrow, the Funky Junk Flea market is open for business one last time for the summer, so I plan on seeking out missing furniture or artwork pieces for the home (cough** bedside tables ** cough). Crossing my fingers for that too! We were also invited to our first Neighborhood Picnic (we have a neighborhood!!) and figure we should probably attend and meet the people that live around us. Confession: I’m looking forward to it! And finally, Sunday the wedding planning continues. On the agenda: tuxedos & sending over food information to the event coordinator at our venue! Mixed into it all will be most definitely more “home renovation”. Max decided to randomly tear up a wall (and by tear up, I mean rip out a chair rail thingy only to find holes underneath that needed immediate attention) and it’s making our entrance way VERY messy. I’m talking painters tape, paint cans, fans, vacuums, random tools and, what I like to call paint soot, galore! This is making me claustrophobic… the fun continues J

Friday Forte: Dust to Dust – The Civil Wars (thank you Starbucks and your free weekly downloads!)

{invitations OUT!}

{most mind-clearing lunch hour jog I've ever had + the sight of our massive new corporate offices still makes me giddy (this looks fake but I assure it's not)}

{delicious snack to come home to after sweaty yoga - don't mind the meat below}

{ill never get sick of the GFS requirement of bringing in share-able treats for a special occasion}

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