Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inspirational Music!

I've long been a lover of music. The first song that I hear of the day can completely make or break my mood. I know that’s a bold statement, and I’m not saying that I’ll be a cranky pants if the Universe doesn't throw me a perfect melody or lyrics to kick-start my day, I’m just saying that the right song, at the right moment… perfection and can be a total game changer if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
I usually like to share all of my new stuff on the Friday Five! posts but I have too many good songs lately to only share one a week. The Lolla time of the year always inspires me to seek out new artists and freshen up my playlist. This opens my eyes to more music, which in turn opens up doors to new artists. It’s my favorite domino effect of all time J

With that being said, here are some tunes that are gracing my August playlist (there are many others on the playlist that have already been Friday Forte’s). Simply in love.

  1. Me – The 1975 (so unbelievably obsessed with this song, even though it’s depressing, and anxiously awaiting their debut album release in September)
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen – City and Colour
  3. Two Coins – City and Colour
  4. Dark Doo Wop – Ms Mr
  5. Drive Darling – BOY
  6. My Bride – Josh Mhire
  7. Skinny Love – Bon Iver
  8. Living Proof – Gregory Alan Isakov
  9. Youth – Daughter (just can’t stop loving this song…)
  10. After Afterall – William Fitzsimmons
  11. Paint – The Paper Kites

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