Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spa Saturdays

Since I've been going to yoga on a regular basis, I've started to form a friendship with one of the girls in the class.  My husband and I always joke that we're only friends with other educators...well, wouldn't you know it: this new friend teaches kindergarten! She's a doll.

So, we've quickly discovered how much we have in common: yoga, very young children, a love of NOLA and...pampering!

On Monday, our instructor informed us that she teaches a yoga class every Saturday morning at the RITZ CARLTON downtown.  (Wha?!) She went on to say that, for only $25, we'd get to do the hour class and then have access to the hotel SPA! Really great deal and a perfect way to mix things up and treat yourself!

 What else would ever bring ME to the Ritz?! I felt like a princess. 

Enter fitness & spa wing...

 Yoga room

Something to focus on while trying to do half moon withOUT a block. 

Bath salts at the counter: yes, please. 

Additional services like massages, manicures, facials, etc cost more of course, but this flat fee allows you into the super nice cardio room, sauna and steam room.  When you enter the locker room, you're furnished with 2 unbelievably soft towels, sandals and a huge terry cloth robe. This could not be real.I was never going to want to leave and return to real life.

After taking our time in the steam room and rinsing in a cold shower, we went to this room to relax and enjoy fruit, grapefruit juice, mint green tea and granola. We could have talked in there all afternoon. 

Couldn't leave without one more fresh, steaming cup of tea. 

My morning started with a great yoga workout and ended 3 1/2 hours later with deeply conditioned hair, detoxed skin and the high spirits that come with new friendships.

My new chum and I have decided that $25 each week would add up too quickly, so this will be a monthly tradition: Spa Saturdays. Maybe next time we'll order a service so we get the comp champagne!

PS: The next time Meggie comes down, we're doing this for sure.

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