Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Story Time: Moving into our 1st Home!


{my favorite champagne fits in the wine rack!!}

{after everything is in... and nothing is unpacked}

{after all that hard work, I decided the only appropriate thing to do was order $25 worth of Chinese food at 10pm that first Saturday night}

We actually got the call official go-ahead on the Thursday of that weekend from the old owners informing us they were out and to “enjoy our new home”. Max and I took one look at each other, and immediately decided we wanted to start moving. “RIGHT NOW” we said ecstatically. He then proceeded to pick me up, throw me over his shoulder, and we had a few moments of excited laughter (I will never EVER forget the joy of that moment) before starting to pack up each of our cars. To the brim. Right then and there. At 9 pm. On a work night. The time I’m normally in bed (don’t judge). Just getting some of our own stuff in the house relieved so much of the stress that had been on my mind for months. I went to work Friday morning feeling lighter, and ready to tackle the rest of the process later that day.

I must tell you, we were very nervous the entire week leading up to the move. We had come to the conclusion that every single person we knew in a 40 mile radius was going to be out of town, unable to assist. BUMMER. It’s hard to expect people to help you move (it’s no fun!), but you hope that someone will be around for the big stuff and offer? Anywho, we were just about ready to throw in the towel and accept our fate (that we had to move everything ourselves!). But, Max’s brother and friend came to the rescue and were able to travel the 90 minutes and help! Phew! Thank. God!

I tell ya, we have a lot of stuff. Over the two years that we lived in our apartment I made a real effort to minimize on the amount of “stuff” we laying around. Bring clothes to Goodwill a couple times a year, clean out things we don’t need in the kitchen, sort through files that were unnecessary, give away nick-knacks that no longer spoke to our style, blah blah blah. And even though I donated an additional six bags of clothes to goodwill and countless other things we still had carloads upon carloads of boxes. The madness was well worth it. We were able to move only things we truly wanted/needed into the new home. A fresh start. I LOVE FRESH STARTS!

The first weekend was absolute madness. There was not one second where we weren't moving...something, unpacking, organizing, traveling back and forth from the old apartment, cleaning or entertaining visitors. It was exactly the weekend I hoped to have in our first home. Filled with love and excitement.  

We’ve officially been in the house almost 3 weeks now and things are really starting to come along. I have a very handy fiancĂ©! The house will always be a work in progress. I don’t think we will ever truly be satisfied, but isn’t that the fun of it all?? Can’t wait to see what comes next J

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