Saturday, August 31, 2013

Instagram Life – August Edition

August went by even faster than July! Something I didn't think was possible. July was all about moving, and organizing, and preparing and stressing. August has been all about celebration! From Lollapalooza, to Jenny’s wedding, to bridal showers, to the kick off of Football season, the month was full of festivity. And the fact that Michigan has had an unseasonably cooler July and August makes the presence of September even more surreal. Indian Summer? Nah, I’m looking forward to Fall. This next month is always one of my favorites and this year even more so. It’s going to whiz by faster than you can say pending nuptials.

Here’s my August via Instagram:

1. London Grill – A quaint little Kalamazoo joint discovered while exploring with the Rents

2. Half Rubeous, Half All Day IPA – celebratory cheers for a job well done flea market Saturday

3. Monsters to get me through some grueling Friday afternoons (where the sunshine is simply calling my name!)

4. I've been on a serious sugary cereal kick

5. Just a lil somethin somethin from a co-worker

6. Lunchtime run (that caused dehydration and almost a heat stroke… whoops)

7. Founders Live music night! Serious kitty debate happening here! 

8. Spartans under the lights! GO GREEN!! 

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