Wednesday, August 21, 2013

iPhone Apps - EXPOSED

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Now that my sister has finally joined the land of the iPhone, I thought I would share some of my favorite apps. It’s a bit overwhelming when you first get the iPhone. You want to download anything and everything. Literally. Well, take it from me, you will never EVER use half of the stuff you download. I can’t even tell you how many pointless games and apps I downloaded in the first few months of owning this phone. Stupid, and a complete waste of my storage space which, let’s be honest, is better suited for music (why I bought a larger gig in the first place). Over time, you’ll find that you always migrate back to your select few. Some fads come and go obviously (although I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of Candy Crush), but then there are those apps you find yourself going to on a daily basis. 

Note: This list excludes the obvious social networking tools, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that I browse constantly

  1. 8 Tracks (obviously!)
  2. Starbucks – you can re-load gift cards and are able to scan your phone at most locations. No money, credit cards, or gift cards necessary. AND bonus, they give you weekly free music and app downloads! Sometimes the songs are true gems…
  3. Moves – this app tracks how many steps you take per day. It tracks running steps and steps walked. Very cool and interesting (especially someone like my sister who walks all the time in her line of work) to track. The day of Lolla I walked over 15,000 steps.
  4. Clear – My FAVORITE way to keep to-do lists that I don’t feel like writing down (although my favorite will always be the write-and-scratch-when-done method J)
  5. Amazon – the easiest way to buy something… ever! Very dangerous but very handy when you just have to order something quickly or want to do some shopping on the go
  6. Tune Time – awesome way for a non-runner to get into the swing of things. This app changes the song every minute so you can circuit train… I credit this app for my start to running
  7. BeautifulMess – my very favorite picture editing apps created by the lovely Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess blog
  8. Shazam – because there is always a time when you LOVE a song playing but have no idea what it’s called or who it’s by
  9. Candy Crush – the most addicting game I’ve ever played
  10. Netflix – I’m very surprised how many times having all of my shows available at my fingertips has come in handy. Airport. Waiting in the car. Lunch hour where I just feel like kicking back. Unpacking my new kitchen with no internet service J
  11. Around Me – I use this all the time! This app allows you to find places around you (get it?). There are times when Max and I felt like having an impromptu bar crawl and wanted to know all places within a certain radius. It’s fun for finding unknown holes in the wall… Or, say if I’m lost and need to know where the nearest gas station is.
  12. Us Weekly – let’s be honest…. I gotta be in the know
  13. Bloglovin – I love reading the blogs I follow on the go. They are always at my fingertips, and I like that

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