Monday, August 12, 2013

Inspirational Places + Inspirational Spaces

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Over the past couple of years I've really come to realize how inspiring your spaces can be to you. They can inspire everything from a great idea to a great mood. Cluttered, junky desks don’t prove a very productive atmosphere for me. For some they do, but for me, it results in claustrophobia and panic. And unfinished, unenthusiastic spaces do the same thing (kind of…).  Now that I am decorating a home and something that we will own and live in and cherish for years to come, how we’re going to decorate it has been a completely consuming thought. One room at a time… (or at least I’m trying to…).

I love the internet. This day and age there are so many eclectic places and websites where you can collect inspiration and treasures that will fill your home. Again, I’m not talking about a knick knack that will sit on a shelf. I’m talking about legitimate items a person needs to fill their home. Bedside tables, lamps, mirrors, clocks… etc. I am obsessed.

Here are some places that I’m currently turning to for inspiration:
3. Grand Rapids Flea Markets – for overall thrifty finds
4. The Container Store (for organizational inspiration)
5. Anthropologie

When in doubt there are always my favorite coffee table books (Cupcakes and Cashmere, Domino and Design Sponge at Home).

Where do you go for home décor inspiration?

Coming up: My Inspirational Music for Summer 2013

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