Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Motivators!

(A word wall in one of the PreK classes I work with. 
Appealing and PURPOSEFUL to both teachers & students.)

YOGA + SPA=Relaxing Saturday!

6 MILE RUN + ATTACKING TO-DO LIST=Productive Sunday!

It's the perfect equation. Not to mention I got to Face Time with my whole family (Meggie 2x!), connections that always motivate me.
Add to that a night out to the movies with my husband and I nearly had a perfect weekend.

Family, exercise and task-completion are among the many things that are motivating me this week...

Next month, I'll be starting a professional learning book club with my PreK team. This book will be in the mail by Tuesday so I can begin my research and planning.

Tuesday night is Trivia Night @ Tracey's, our neighborhood bar.  
We may not make it every week, but knowing it's there if we need to unwind with Po-Boys & friends is always a motivator at the 
beginning of the week.

Tuesday & Wednesdays are my all day PreK days...
they make me so happy.

(Well, it never actually ends, but I take the [HOT] summers off here.)
Saturday evening will mark my first race of the season.

iTunes and I spent some quality time together this weekend. 
I found some new favorites along the way (*=thank you, meggie!)

Santa Monica Dream--Angus & Julia Stone
Silver Coin --Angus & Julia Stone
Paper Aeroplane -Angus & Julia Stone
*My Bride--Josh Mhire
*Me--The 1975

These are sure to keep me calm, happy & grounded
as I begin another week. 

What will you be focusing on to hold on to yourself this Monday morning? 

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