Friday, August 9, 2013

New Couch!!

Traditionally, gifts for the 3rd Anniversary are leather.

In June, as my husband and I met--and successfully passed--this milestone, we chose a piece of leather that we had been coveting for about 2 years: a leather couch.

We have replaced every piece of our old furniture with something nicer and more suited for our contemporary marital home--except a couch.

Until now. After two months of waiting, the magnificent piece finally arrived today.

We gave the old couch & chair to a friend from work. Once those were gone, I got busy: I dusted, polished, mopped and prepped the space.

Last weekend we paid a visit to Restoration Hardware (where we bought the couch & ottoman) to stock up on throw pillows. In a million years, we never thought we'd end up with (feaux) FUR pillows and blanket! After much consideration and comparing in the store, it was clear that the professionals at RH who displayed our couch with these pillows knew a thing or two about decorating. Confession: so comfy. No regrets. 

It's amazing how perfectly this thing fits in our apartment. 

It was meant to be.

1 comment:

  1. Love the new couch! So very Courtney and Hector :)
    Those pillows look just as cuddly as your cute pups :)