Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Five!

{sparkly pumpkins make me happy}

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This week has been fun and went by really quickly. I think the pending holiday weekend has everyone in high spirits. I personally have been flying high on candy/cookies/brownies/donuts for days (lots of people brought in treats!). And that will continue today and into the weekend. The 2014 Fiscal Year has come to a close at GFS! Yesterday, the WHOLE corporate office met in connector (the massive open space that separates the East Side of the building from the West Side) to make a big announcement that has been hyped up all month. I’m sworn to secrecy until November 10th, but let’s just say Gordon Food Service is doin’ big things!

So today, we celebrate! The annual “Harvest Fest” is this afternoon! All the kiddos will come dressed in their finest and be just as hopped up on sugar as I am! It’ll be a good pregame for tonight’s Halloween party! I can’t wait to dress up and have some good old fashion Halloween fun complete with spooky foods, beer pong and judging others costumes! Tomorrow Jenny and I are kickin’ it back old school and having a Scream trilogy marathon! I haven’t watched those movies in years and am curious to see if they still affect me the same way they did when we were 11 (as in completely terrified with a flashlight under the covers!).

{decided I wanted to start the new fiscal year with a new planner}

{mid-week hockey game in the Foremost Suite!}

{sneak peek: Halloween costume}

{finding out the big news with 100’s of my closest colleagues}

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