Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Motivators!

[Entering Week #2 without my sister, and I'm still in mourning]

FINALLY! Fair fall weather has made its way down South so I can enjoy being outside more than ever! Crescent Park is in full bloom, the FQ finally lost its stinky summer edge and the rivers and lakes always bring a welcome, cool breeze.

Today starts two weeks of fall break for students, which means more working remotely for me...and maybe even in a few personal days while I'm at it.

I plan to hit up a few new coffee shops, spend plenty of time in the yard with hubby and run my tail off. Half marathon season is quickly approaching!

[This song is sure to be on repeat as I pound out the miles this week]

[He is the Proudest Monkey in NOLA]

[She thinks she's being helpful. In reality, she was-literally-sticking her nose into things that make her barf. Silly Apple.]

[Cresecent Park-the one spot I didn't get to show Meggie on her time]

[A Wednesday date night with my buddy, Maya, will allow me to return to the scene of this beautiful crime.]

[Our backyard; never stop improving

[The kids are happy to be back on upstairs balcony lookout duty]

[Productivity on work days will allow me to start (and finish?) this new Young Adult find. If you read & liked "If I Stay", this title will be right up your alley.]

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  1. I definitely need to read that book... thanks for the reminder so I can add it to my list :)

    xoxox sis!