Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sister Weekend – NOLA STYLE

{Court's beautiful house behind gorgeous Southern trees}

This past weekend was exactly what I needed! The NOLA warmth. The NOLA love. The NOLA energy. Courtney and I had a ball from the second I landed on Thursday until the second I took off on Monday morning. Between brew bashes, conversations over wine & cheese for hours, concerts, delicious Mexican food, the French Quarter, coffee house mornings and relaxing in her bed I feel like there was nothing we didn't do! It was jam packed but extremely relaxing all at once.

While this trip with my sister was amazing (they usually are!), it made me ache for her even more! She and I often talk about what it would be like to live in the same town; we haven’t since she was in college. It wouldn't be a vacation obviously, it would be real life, so we wouldn't act like we were on vacation, but there is something to be said about the down time we made while in New Orleans. Sitting on her bed eating ice cream or sitting on her couch eating vegetables, we just… talked, caught up. We did what sisters do! That’s what I miss the most! FaceTime is great but it only gets you so far. Sometimes you just need a hug from your sis. I look forward to my next one in just a few short months!!

Sorry for the picture overload...

(Entire Post on David Gray to come later…)

{i'm on my way, Court!}

{apple just being apple}

{i made a friend!}

{reading, eating and caffeinating while we discuss our upcoming weekend!}

{flea market browsing!}

{our Cousin's house!}

{free beer!!}

{being artsy...}

{the BEST jambalaya!}

{Lake Pontchartrain! It is just as beautiful as Courtney has described it!}

{relaxing at Faubourg Wines for HOURS}

{cheers to us, Sis! miss you a ready!!}

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