Friday, October 17, 2014

ArtPrize 2014

By now the whole world knows who won ArtPrize (just take a look above), and I must admit this is the one that I was rooting for from the start! The piece was absolutely unbelievable and made the room feel like it was a completely different shape. Beautiful work! Max and I spent the last Thursday evening of the event (the day before the winners were announced) walking all over the city exploring the 2014 art (with hot cocoa in hand). It was a really fun night!

Our last stop was The B.O.B. (naturally), but before heading inside we decided to sit at a food truck and enjoy some warm beverages. Hot caramel apple cider with WHISKEY!? Yes, please! As we were walking around sipping our delicious bevvies, we stumbled across a spray paint artist. This man was incredible. He started with a completely blank canvas and was all done in 5 minutes. Right in front of your eyes! The tools he used to make the shapes on the artwork was pure genius! Check out Cosmo-Joe!!  

Other than that, there was no giant Panda or flaming dragon like last year, but ArtPrize is always an event that attracts talent all over the world and really brings the city to life. I love it. And I love that my city has this world renowned event!

{made out of glue!}

{top 10 i believe}

{bees on bees on bees}

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  1. Not to be unoriginal, but the winner is--by far--my favorite of the pieces you captured here. though the bullet hole/web does make me feel at home (j/k, mom). Some day I'll attend Art Prize with y'all. Looks like fun (hardly remember the parts we saw at the wedding...) XX