Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five!

{one year is paper… the hubbs surprised me with this handmade paper flower filled with petals made out of pictures from our wedding day}

This week was a good one. Monday was a vacation day spent leisurely with Max, Tuesday night was the Grand Rapids Food Show party at the top of McFadden’s with all of my old vendors (one of my favorite events of the year!), Wednesday we happy hour'ed it with a co-worker heading back to Texas and Thursday Max and I explored ArtPrize downtown. Never a dull moment this time of year!   

Speaking of Fall… tomorrow I’m indulging in all things “Fall” (and Eastown). I’m spending the day with a girlfriend, kicking off our adventure with some cider & donuts at the apple haus, and continuing our day exploring, eating, drinking and laughing (and probably planning the details of her annual Halloween party!).

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!!

{the result of our northern brewery tour lining the stairwell}

{newest ArtPrize prize of the Grand Rapids skyline; we watched Cosmo Joe spray paint this from a blank canvas right in front of your eyes!}

{kitchen table centerpiece… currently (c/o Mama Maxey)}

{new fall boots C/O Wolverine! More to come on the #FNO next week} 


  1. What a perfect, romantic gift! Way to go, Max! That flower will never die! And those boots....if only I was your size. ("Hi, boots....") Ugh. Jealz. xo

  2. Thanks, Sis! He slaved over it for two nights in secret. I'm was pretty impressed! And you should shrink shoe sizes and move back to Chicago so we can share easier 😘

  3. I love these paper flowers! How romantic!! Hope you had a lovely anniversary.