Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Motivators!

[Happy MID october, y'all!]

Heading into week #2 of fall break, I've got some more indulging to do. While there will be pockets of work this week for meetings, distributing classroom supplies and checking on new team members, I'm going to do my best to keep the [career] cognitive lift at a minimum. 

Now that I'm officially signed up for my first half marathon of the season (goal=3 between now & February), I plan to revamp my workout routine (adding more strength than usual), search for new podcasts & inspiring music and, most of all: eat and sleep more responsibly.  No more of this 6 hours a night business.

Meanwhile, not much else has changed. Taking full advantage of new videos being posted on Netflix streaming, reading my new book, creating new playlists and lovin' on the husband and pups. I guess you could say, I'm just "doin what I do..." (that's for you, mom). 

[After a long catch-up session with mom on FaceTime last night, some childhood memories were rekindled. Though, I'm thinking I should NOT add this to my running playlist becuase it's pretty hard to run and sing. This song was one of my best performances as a child. Think spoon as a microphone and chair as a stage...and of course, mom, dad, granny, grandpa and grandma as my loyal audience. Good times. Thanks for the reminder, mom! ] 

[Thanks, Meggie! This video couldn't have come out at a more perfect time. On and off the to watch list like that.]

[Another blast from the past. Recently I've been spending some time on this site as a way to clear my head. Years ago, when I first moved to NOLA, I spent hours at a time here, while listening to music. **I highly encourage anyone who loves brain puzzlers to try it out, because you can workout your brain while also doing something good for the world. It's as addictive as Candy Crush, but better for you.]

[Eh, why not? One more Wednesday (free) wine tasting won't hurt anyone]

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