Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NOLA Cafes: Upper Nine Doughnut Company

Oh, the temptation... 
My poor, innocent sweet tooth is tested each time I visit this place.  

Source of this image as well as more information on how Upper Nine came to occupy this space can be found in this Gambit article. 

On day two of my work-from-coffee-shop-pseudo-spring-break week, I'm nestled in a new cafe down the street from my house that specializes in sinfully perfect doughnuts.

Upper Nine  is currently subleasing in the space that used to be occupied by Sound Cafe. They have limited hours and the sweets go quickly, so arriving early to start my work day worked to my advantage.

Louisiana Strawberry & Praline Bacon

My favorite: Orangesicle

Hello, new work habits. I like you. 

There was no soundtrack to this cafe because they played NPR all day...which is just fine in my book. Felt even more like home. 

I just wish this place was open every day! 
This is, by far, my favorite space so far; what can be better than drinking strong coffee and being surrounded by books?!

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