Friday, April 25, 2014

NOLA Brewery's Annual Easter KEG Hunt

The weather in New Orleans over the past few weeks has been incredible. Sunny, warm (not hot) and only a touch of humidity. All three pretty rare for late April in NOLA. So, this year for the Easter holiday, my husband and I decided to participate in an annual outdoor tradition.  From what we could tell, the only connection to the holiday was the word "Easter" on the banner at the brewery. 

The hunt started at one of our local breweries, NOLA Brewing.  Participants meet up on bike, form teams, enjoy a beer or two and await their first clue. Some of our fellow New Orleanians did choose to suit up in spring costumes (there were some sexy Peeps and bloody rabbits--yea, bad taste if you ask me) but we kept it simple and comfortable.  

Eight hidden messages, revealing various landmarks around the city (still no Godly connection, sorry...well, one church), and we ended up at our final destination, where NOLA provided unlimited free beer. It was a blast, though, our friend Sean provided 99% of the brainpower to hop from one location to the next. 

My husband and his two close buddies...these are the guys who take him away from me for disc golf most Saturdays.

Thinking really hard about one of the riddles. It takes a lot to stump this brilliant guy.

Phone a friend. Yup, we did it. 

Girls just decided to enjoy the ride.

One of the final spots, a bar that sits under the Mississippi Bridge. We haven't been here in years and I forgot just how cute it is. Definitely making it to the list for Meg's next visit.

Final spot landed us in the Central Business District. Here, we enjoyed an Easter dinner of shrimp po-boys...when in Rome...

Yummm....NOLA Blonde. 

Partnered with NOLA Brewing was the Gulf Restoration Network, who was selling raffle tickets in an effort to fund their cause. 
Lucky me won a Kleen Kanteen water bottle! 

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  1. That sounds so awesome! I wanna goooooooooooo :)