Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around Bellewood – Gallery Wall

Sorry for the delayed post. I've been home with the flu this week. No fun. But the fever has broken so things are looking up.

Disclaimer: Confession, it’s not 100% done. Well, I mean it will never truly be done, I’ll always be adding to this puppy (or changing things out…). But like literally, it’s not done. There is still one frame that has yet to be filled. I don’t want to just throw something in there for the sake of getting it filled, so we are taking our time with that one. So in the meantime, just disregard the random black and white bike named Threshold J

The LONG awaited GALLERY WALL! I have been dreaming about this, and planning for it, and preparing for it, and buying, and building… for years! And it’s finally here!! Can't wait to add more to it and change it up in the years to come. 

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