Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Motivators!

Is it weird that WORK & COFFEE are my sole motivators this Monday morning? The thought of these two things is really doing it for me today. 

Let me explain...

This year my work life has changed drastically. It's my second year out of the classroom (which is a whole second set of emotions in itself) but it's the first year where I am not school-bound, the first year where my schedule and daily tasks feel more like what I call a "normal job".

I could very easily do 85% of my job on the computer, in an office, and that work never seems to stop piling up. I'm not complaining one bit because I love the work that I do. I feel I am learning so much as an educator and my understanding an appreciation of academics and child development grows exponentially by the day. I wish granny and grandpa were around to talk to about this. I think they'd be so proud of where I am in my career today and of the possibilities this particular job is opening up for me.

Anyway, today kicks off what our network calls Spring Intersession. Different than spring break bc some kids are actually continuing to come to school. Students who are behind have this chance to come in for half days of remedial instruction by their very dedicated teachers. This will continue until May 5. For the rest of the kids, they are on break, but their instructional time is more than made up in the year round academic calendar.

I, on the other hand, do not need to be in the building, and so will be spending my days for the next few weeks working from home and coffee shops (more NOLA Cafes in your near future!). I went so far as to send Google calendar invites to my husband for each morning this week, arranging for us to hit a different neighborhood coffee shop each day.

So, this Monday morning, I am looking forward to spending time on my lovely, sunny balcony, my ever-expanding back patio/garden, and new neighborhood treasures, finally catching up on work projects, reading, relaxing, enjoying...NOT stressing.  Working in different spaces, especially with fresh, beautiful surroundings, motivates me to no end.

Part of this week's cafe lineup...

Coffee is really motivating me this morning as well...

This girl is filled to the brim today!! 

Happy Monday, everyone! Make it great! 

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  1. Nice mug girl :) Can't wait to see those coffee shops!

    Keep being happy!