Monday, December 9, 2013

Winter Bucket List!

Here we go! The Winter season is upon us J I don’t care if the actual season doesn't start for another 2 weeks, in my mind, once Thanksgiving is over, Winter has arrived! Here are a few things I would love to do before Spring rolls around!

  1. Sledding
  2. Make something gingerbread
  3. Get all of my shopping done within a week of Christmas – I’m talkin wrapped and under the tree, the whole shebang!
  4. Kiss Max under the mistletoe (already made him do this so it shouldn’t really be a part of a list moving forward hehe)
  5. Baileys + hot cocoa next to a crackling fire
  6. Have a Christmas movie marathon day
  7. Update photo albums with all missing events from 2013 (there are TONS – it was a big year J)
  8. Take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane
  9. 2014 New Years Resolutions – write, frame, display (just like last year
  10. Finish the gallery wall!

These images are currently inspiring me and motivating me for this season!
Images via my Pinterest board "h o l i d a y / s e a s o n a l"

1 comment:

  1. I love those images! Each one makes me feel cozier and cozier! My two favorites are the ones w/ the coffee/book and the outdoor fire...hmmm..I'd love to be up North just for a bit this holiday season.
    Miss you!