Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 & More Brewery Tours

Thanksgiving weekend was just as relaxing and rejuvenating as I had hoped. The night-before-Thanksgiving festivities are always a great time to catch up with old high school friends. I LOVE waking up Thanksgiving morning and double fist'ing coffee and champagne. Then proceed to wash everything down with a glutinous day of gorging on all festive foods the holiday has to offer J

The Friday after Thanksgiving, in lieu of Black Friday shopping (it kind of scares me, not gonna lie), Mom and I are making it into a tradition to go see the newest movie out in the IT-series of that time. Last year it was the last installment of Twilight, this year it was the second movie of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire. Oh man did I love that movie. I might have to see it again! 

A small Kalamazoo Brewery tour was obviously on the agenda. Four new breweries have opened up in the past few months (soon to be six) and my family and I visited 3 of them! It was a good time. Latitude 42, Rupert's and Gonzo’s were on the agenda Friday night. I loved the sangria at Latitude, I loved the chocolate stout at Gonzo’s and I just loved the laid back, hippie nature of Rupert’s. All had their own unique twist. All were enjoyable.

Happy Holidays!

{cracking fire - yes FROSTY is in the background}

{Haserodt Family hor d'oeuvres - it's not a holiday without these addicting things!}

{my wardrobe the entire weekend}

{may the odds be ever in your favor - a little blurry in the dark...}

{coming soon}

{cookie making! stay tuned for more details}

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