Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday Five!

{canapé taste testing - job perk}

Well, my wish for snow came true! It’s a winter wonderland here in the Mitten. Annoying drivers aside, I’m enjoying this very much! I actually didn’t mind being cooped up in the snow globe that is GFS (the new building is completely surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows) all week. I felt cozy enjoying the warmth inside and watching the snow whip from side to side in the frigid outdoors. And home life was no exception! Minimal errands were run and we found ourselves coming home and doing nothing but cozy up on the couch letting the to-do list wait another day. It was perfect.

This weekend is the Annual Meeting, aka company Christmas Party. Last year we saw Mat Kearney, ate our heart out at the various buffets around the Devos Center (the entire thing is rented out for this party every year) and laughed our asses off watching the comedians. You never know what the entertainment will be until it’s announced after the 3 (or 4 if you count bread) course dinner they serve. I can’t wait to dress up and enjoy an afternoon and evening downtown with my Max! Sunday we have a sledding date! Bring it on, Winter!!

Friday Forte: ConcreteWall – Zee Avi (the kind of song that get’s stuck in your head… but not in a bad way…) 

{ready for fire in the parlour)

{Founders beer & Cards Against Humanity = Perfect Friday night combination}

{new background to the iPhone – brings a giddy smile to my face every. single. time}

{night out celebrating a friends birthday}

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