Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five!

{these purple sparkly heels stick out like a sore thumb on our mostly red and gold Christmas tree… but I love them! This ornament was purchased for me years ago, when I first had the dream of purple sparkly shoes on our wedding day. Dreams really do come true...}

This week has been a tough one. It’s never easy getting focused and motivated when your heart feels weighted down. I am happier than ever to have a couple short weeks ahead. Christmas will be the perfect long weekend to spend with family and friends.

Since my Christmas shopping is done (check), I don’t have a very long to-do list. So, this weekend I look forward to indulging in all things relaxing: sleeping in, coffee on the couch, hot cocoa by a crackling fire, watching Christmas movies while blog reading, researching music while eating breakfast in bed. And perhaps have the sledding date we didn't end up having in the blizzard last Sunday. 

{hot yoga continues to, and always will, make me happy... practicing with Christmas lights and in the dark is just icing on the cake}

{this snow is really putting me in the Christmas spirit… even though today’s mid 30’s temperature is melting it… never fear! More snow is just around the corner }

{festive sweatshirt for the annual Ugly Sweater/Snack day at the office}

{whether under a cozy blanket or in snow pants, I don’t plan on changing out of fleece lined leggings all weekend... obsessed!}

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