Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marriage Diaries: Our 2nd Anniversary Weekend

Warning: Long Post coming your way... 

Second anniversary was one month ago, and we celebrated the way we do… Brewery Tours. Max and I decided to opt out of Nashville this year, or the East side and simply stay close to home and explore the Michigan Lakeshore breweries. Muskegon, Grand Haven and Holland were all on our hit list. And boy did we hit em’.

We started off Friday the 2nd in Whitehall, just north of Muskegon, at Fetch Brewing for lunch and our first flight of the weekend. They had a great food truck outside where we split an order of poutine and it was to die for. Then it was off to Unruly and Pigeon Hill in Muskegon.  We love love LOVED Unruly. It reminded us a lot of Right Brain from last year. Pigeon Hill was great and the company was fun, but at the end of the day we both decided the highlight was Muskegon itself. Max and I were impressed with the small town. We had a totally different perception going into it and were pleasantly surprised… we shall be back…

Then it was off to Grand Haven. We stopped at Old Boys in Spring Lake (which had some of my favorite beer of the trip… and a 7 layer nacho dip!) on the way, before checking into our hotel, The Harbor House Inn. The hotel had a cute B&B vibe to it and was in the center of many fun places in Grand Haven. Definitely a fun place to stay if you’re in the area. Once settled we promptly continued on our journey for the day. Next up, Dutch Girl and Grand Armory. Both were equally enjoyable… I loved Dutch Girl because the owner gave us a private tour of the brewing equipment (where I found out they were a Gordon Food Service customer!) and Grand Armory had live music and great brisket that Max plowed through. Once we had more food in our systems we ventured off to our last stop of the night (or so we thought), Grand Haven Brew House. They don’t brew their own beer (I don’t think…), but it reminded me of Beer Exchange in Kalamazoo. It was fun and also entertaining with live music and interesting locals. We ran into some people we knew and followed them off to our last location, 22 Below. It was a long, busy, great day!

Then it was Saturday. We woke up, got breakfast at Morning Star Café (YUM!!), and made the half hour trek to Holland. We called on the way to make sure we could check into our hotel early (luckily we were able to). Once at the Hampton Inn Holland we organized our large room (complete with a cooler full of goodies) and threw on our suits! We sat in the hot tub, cider mimosas in hand, and indulged in the relaxation! After our bodies were thoroughly pruned, we got dressed and watched the Michigan State vs. Purdue game (yikes) at a nearby B dubs, relaxed for a while then hit up our last two breweries of the weekend, Tripel Root and Big Lake (we've both already been to all other breweries the Holland area had to offer). 

Sunday morning, our actual anniversary, we woke up early, took advantage of the large continental breakfast, and drove home…. Proceeding to spend the rest of our anniversary weekend relaxing on the couch.

I love you Max. I’ll never love anyone else. Happy 2 years. I can’t wait until its 20!

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